7 Bento, Side dish, and Snack recipes with Almonds, Chili powder, Crème Fraîche, Golden syrup, Lettuce, Light cream cheese, Red pepper, Vanilla sugar, and Vitelotte potatoes made by Frying for No fish and No soy diet

Tamagoyaki bento

Tamagoyaki is a great and easy to make bento ingredient. It's savory taste goes well with vegetables and diary ingredients, it packs a reasonable amount of protein and will satisfy your hunger for a long time. It's good served warm, as well as cold.

Marinated beef and pasta bento

Bento is not only rice, but also other ingredients, like... pasta. This recipe came to life when I had some uncooked beef left-overs and just wondered what to do with them. Cooking them as a part of bento was a great idea!