One Bento, Side dish, and Snack recipe with Almonds, Arugula, Brown sugar, Chicken breast, Dried onion, Grana Padano, Hollandaise sauce, Mustard, Nori seaweed, Oranges, Powdered sugar, Rice, Smoked salmon, and Walnuts made by Baking and Frying for Fiber-rich diet

Teriyaki salmon bento

I think life is too short to keep the frozen salmon in the fridge! :-) So I made a teriyaki salmon bento, which was so fast to cook, that I had too much idle time in the morning... Just be careful not to overcook the teriyaki sauce, because it may have a burnt taste. Also, optional lotus root slices will keep the fish tender and juicy for the time when you can finally devour every last bit of it ;-)